Fiat Coupè 1.8 16V Supercharged


Fiat Coupè 1.8 16V, 130 HP (in origin)
1747 cc. 16V DOHC, variable intake cam timing, naturally aspirated
I have mounted an Eaton supercharger(M62 off a Mercedes SLK 2.3), so it is charged now.
Original ECU is an Hitachi MFI-018 sequential injection and ignition, 4 coil on plug.

Now some pics of the job.

Above, the service pulley, with a longer belt to reach the supercharger pulley (and to move it).

The card above is a switch that controls the electronic clutch pulley of the Eaton supercharger.
I bought it here:
It gets the signal of the TPS (trottle pos sensor) and over a set voltage causes the clutch to engage.

Above the bypass valve, installed to allow air in excess (too boost) to return before the charger.

At bottom right, the intercooler (pic above).